About me


The combination of practicing handball at an advanced level and an engineering education has affected me as a person. It has made me organized, independent, wanting to always keep myself busy and that I always make high demands of myself. Furthermore, I love challenges, they motivate me.

Work experience

2016-12-01 —PhD Student, Division of Nuclear Physics, Lund University.
Experiments on superheavy nuclei.
2015Summer Associate E.ON, Business Innovation, Malmö.
Development of a district heating data analysis tool.
2011-2015Professional Handball Player, LUGI Handboll, Lund.
Played in the best league in Sweden over four seasons. Season 2013-2014 we reached the quarter finals in the EHF-cup and finished 2nd in the Swedish league.
Summer 2014Real Estate Attendant, Förvaltnings AB Stadsbostäder, Malmö.


2011-2016Engineering Physics, The Faculty of Engineering, Lund University.
Specialization: Accelerators – Physics and Technology


SustainabilityA sustainable world, from an environmental, social and economical aspect, is an important goal which colors me and my thoughts everyday. I believe good research is crucial in making the world more sustainable.
TrainingI love to workout and compete in sports. There are few better feelings than being completely exhausted after a hard workout.