Teaching portfolio

Course – Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

As described in the syllabus the course aims to:

The aim of the course is to introduce the participants to ideas about higher education teaching issues, thus preparing them for taking decisions in teaching that benefit students’ learning. An additional aim of the course is to provide the participants with a foundation for further professional development as a teacher in higher education.

One of the assessments was to make a critical reflection on an experienced teaching scenario on the basis of the acquired pedagogic tools. I chose to discuss a lab situation on the topic of engaging students in independent learning. The report can be found here.

Laboratory supervisor

Nuclear Physics and Reactors, FYSC12 : 2017

KF6 – Gamma spectroscopy

A comprehensive full day lab covering:

  • Particle-matter and specifically gamma-ray-matter interactions
  • Principles of the detection of gamma rays (and particles) with scintillator and semiconductor detectors
  • Signal readout, processing and analogue to digital conversion
  • The chart of nuclides, radioactive decays and decay level scheme
  • Different source measurements
  • Data analysis and interpretation of the gamma-spectra
  • Report

As part of the course development I have developed a Jupyter Notebook to facilitate data analysis. This project can be found on GitHub.

Tekniskt basår, Fysik B : 2017

Practical electronicsIntroduction to electronics, its basic components and simple circuits.
The oscilloscopeAcquaintance with the oscilloscope, alternate current and voltage measurements.
Direct current circuitsConnections, calculations and measurements in DC-circuits.
OpticsThe thin lens, image projections and ray constructions.
Light interferenceInterference patterns with a transmission and reflective diffraction grating.
Ultrasound interferenceMeasurements of sound interference patterns.