Statistical analysis of decay chains

This is a rather small ongoing project where the purpose is to show transparency when it comes to the statistical analyses that have been performed by the Lund Nuclear Structure Group of the decay chains of superheavy elements.  The project aims are:

  • Provide free access to the code the Lund Nuclear Structure group has
  • Reproduce the numbers presented in the paper given
  • Try the method on user provided chains and experimental data.

The two programs are freely accessible through the github repositories presented below:


Calculation of the number of decay chains of a given type which is expected to arise due to random fluctuations in the background.


Statistical assessment of a set of decay chains to determine their congruence in lifetimes and if they have a similar origin.

  • Jupyter-Notebook based on the Python3 kernel.
  • The notebook can be accessed online wiht no installations via mybinder and the “launch binder” icon in the top left corner of the README file from the above link.

Thorough descriptions of the statistical analyses can be found in the respective github repositories.